Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009 good riddance 2008.

Wow what a year!  Not much good happened for me and lots of negative things that I will not go into but suffice to say I am happy to have my health and sanity and am looking forward to a new year of opportunity and working out.  I am certain if I didn't work out like I do I would have lost it long ago. 

  I am now involved with a new business marketing natural gas that has me excited and looks very promising on the income side of my life and which I am enjoying a lot.  I am also happy to be saving people money on their natural gas bills as most everyone I find is paying too much.  Our rates are cheaper by as much as 20% and I have sold a lot of both residential and commercial customers.  Check out  .  

Started off the year with the annual Polar Bear Plunge at Huntington Beach (thats me in the middle) which has become a tradition.  It is my third year and although not as nasty and snowy as last year it was certainly chilly.  It doesn't take long for feet to become clumps of clay and lose feeling.  But we had a great turnout and had fun.  I am never going to settle for normal and intend to "live until I die". 

Ironman Louisville is closed out and I didn't get signed up so I may not be doing an Ironman this year but I think I am going to do a marathon and a couple half iron events and some other races yet to be decided so I will keep on training.  I am also considering Ironman Australia in 2010 which is only fifteen months away so that may be enough in preparation for that one.  Several others from the  Cleveland Triathlon Club (CTC) are doing it so I am going to also if I can figure out the logistics.   I am excited about that and although the flight is 15 hours from LA it would be the trip of a lifetime.  

OK time for bed.  My resolution this year is to stop staying on this damn computer late and not getting enough sleep.  Happy New Year and best wishes to all my friends and associates. 

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