Thursday, October 25, 2007

Something is wrong I am typing 13:12:48 but it is posting different.

Oh a mind is a terrible thing to waste. I could swear i wrote 13:12:48 which is the correct finish time for IM Wisconsin 2007 but it came up 12:12:48.

Correction - 12:12:48 was my Wisconsin time

Oops. Wishful thinking or an errant keystroke.

OK Maybe I should start writing in this thing

Last year when I decided to do an Ironman my coach sent me an email with the heading "The amazing year of Jack's Ironman". I was very excited and thought what a great title that would be for my blog. I proceeded to train very hard and was thrilled to do a 12:12:48 Ironman on a nearly perfect weather day in Wisconsin September 9, 2007. Unfortunately I didn't post one time on this blog during the year. Hope this year is different as I intend to start writing about IM and also some other details of my sometimes crazy life.

Stay tuned!