Monday, May 25, 2009

Cheat and lose?

So I found a way to Cheat a little and lose some weight. It is called the Core4 system and it consists of 4 products, one is a Flush to clean out the system, two is called Accelerate which is a natural metabolism booster and fat burner, three is Lean, an amino acid healthy shake that tastes so good is good for you, and helps curb appetite when used as a meal replacement and four is the flagship product called Cheat which is a fiber that you shake on food and it encapsulates a portion of it so it is not absorbed but instead passed through the system. Now those of you who know me know I try to eat healthy as I can but with this product you can go off the reservation sometimes and just shake this tasteless product on to reduce 25% of calories.

Oh and by the way there is a home bases business opportunity attached with marketing these products. Weight loss is a many billion dollar industry and it is nice to offer products that are natural and not full of chemicals and junk.

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